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Terrafix® is a versatile material and is used for a wide range of functions including: single or multilayered geotextile filters, sand ballast mats, sand containers or tubes and scour protection. Terrafix® nonwovens and sand mats act as separators and filters in hydraulic engineering applications such as embankment construction, canal bed rehabilitation and protection, and coastal works.

Fabricated into tubes, Terrafix® can be used in harbour basin protection; Terrafix® sand containers have been successfully used in coastal and river bank protection. Terrafix® has high water permeability,
retains soil and allows root growth so that bank protection structures will blend unobtrusively with the natural environment.


  • Raw Material: polyester/polypropylene coloured
  • Width: 5.80 m
  • Length: 50 m


 TERRAFIX- Datasheet