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The Trovidur® product group represents a long tradition of numerous varied PVC products for various applications. The products are especially outstanding for their high form stability, excellent chemical resistance, thermoformability and excellent flame retardant properties.

  • Trovidur® EC-N. PVc very highly chemical-resistant and
  • Trovidur® ESA D. quality especially developed for the printing industry.
  • Trovidur® ET. PVC is a transparent, unplasticised rigid PVC material especially suited for safety equipment in machine and equipment manufacturing.
  • Trovidur® NL is a very highly chemical-resistant PVC-U used mainly in the manufacture of chemical tanks and liners.
  • Trovidur® PN has excellent electrical insulating qualities and high chemical resistance. The material is particularly suited for chemical engineering and tank building, machine and plant manufacturing.
  • Uniform physical properties in all directions thanks to its manufacturing process.


  • Material Base: PVC-U
  • Thickness: 2 hasta 100 mm
  • Width: 1.00 m – 1.22 m – 2.00 m
  • Length: 2.00 m –  2.44 m – 3.00 m – 4.00 m
  • Colour: Gris 7011, Transparent, Red.


 Chemical processing industry- Brochure
 Trovidur-EC-N- Datasheet
 Trovidur-ESA-D-EN- Datasheet
 Trovidur-ET-EN- Datasheet
 Trovidur-NL-EN- Datasheet
 Trovidur-PN-EN- Datasheet