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Makes an excellent media for the commercial mat industry. We now offer several pre-die cut sizes with die cut finishing accessories for cost effectiveness and ease. GFloor sizing eliminates the cost associated with waste from printing from rolls and unfinished sheets sizes. A full line of backing materiales as well as anti-fatigue foams are available with your choice of mounting adhesives already applied. We have made this simple- print, peel and apply; let us do the work for you.

100% PVC vinyl flooring in the form of rugs designed to be used both inside and outside.

It can be printed on a large format printer, which makes the mat fully customizable. Water resistant, UV resistant. stain resistance, non-slip surface, among others.


Material: PVC Vinyl
Thickness: 0.90 mm o 1.9 mm
Measurements: 60 x 90 cm until 152 x 243 cm
Options: You can add foamy film or a non-skid film on the back.
Norms: ASTM F925 and FMVSS 302 of fireproofing.


– Hotel and restaurant industry
– Advertising industry
– Public places