International distributor of plastic welding tools and semifinished plastics


The SW model range has been designed for the maximum demands placed on quality and capacity. This version has two clamping ranges on each table side as well as a travel measurement device and a travel controller. Machines of this series are fitted out with a CNC table force controller, including database. They can also be provided with an automatic 90° welding fixture at the customer’s request.

The welding cycle of this machine runs automatically.

This machine comes in the following versions:

  • 6.5′, 10′, 13′, 16.5′ and 20′
  • Weldable thicknesses: 1/8” – 2-1/4”
  • Customized solutions possible
Extra P-SW equipment
  •  INGENIA online diagnostic system
  •  Illumination of the welding range
  •  Scale on both table sides
  •  Extension to a 65 mm clamping height e.g. for hollow chamber boards
  •  Plastic sheet lifter (only one side)
  •  Extra clamping range for each side (from 2 to 3 ranges)
  •  T-welding programme (only in association with 90° L-angle welding fixture)
  •  Offset compensator for establishing and balancing tensions & friction forces
  •  Automatic table gap adjustment
  •  Remote control or foot-operated switch for clamping
  •  Printer for drafting a DVS 2207-11-based welding record
  •  Acoustic signal once the welding cycle is over
  •  Extension arm with ball casters
  •  Automatic press-on unit
  •  Automatic 90° L-angle welding fixture
  •  Sheet roller
  •  Non-standard paint finish