International distributor of plastic welding tools and semifinished plastics

Manufacturing services

  • Manufacturing services
  • Manufacturing services

At LDM we manufacture high-quality custom made products at competitive prices. Our wide range of applications goes  from commercial to construction, trucking, agriculture, industrial, chemical  and recreational purposes.

We have an engineering team that oversees our production to provide you the best quality. We assist the customer in the design, drawings, calculations and in the final prototype.

Our production facilities are located in Hermosillo, Mexico. 150 miles away from Nogales, Arizona. We operate an 40,000 square foot manufacturing space with capacity to manage a wide range of projects.

Our sales and distribution facilities are located in Tempe, Arizona.

Manufacturing services


Manufacturing services
  • CNC cutting table for fabrics

  • CNC router for rigid plastics

  • Slitter machine

Manufacturing services
  • Double needle machine
  • Long double needle machine
Manufacturing services
Plástic Welding
  • Manual hot air welder
  • Automatic hot air welder
  • Stationary long arm welder
  • Extrusion welder
  • Wedge welder
  • Butt sheet welding
  • 90° butt sheet welding

Material sourcing

We have access to a wide range of materials ready to be use in our production.


  • PVC Vynil
  • Clear Vynil
  • Acrylic
  • Mesh cloth
  • Poly (PE)
  • Fire retardant
  • Hardware and more…


  • HDPE geomembranes
  • Woven coated PE geomembranes

Semifinished plastics

  • HDPE sheets
  • PP sheets
  • PVC sheets
  • PVDF sheets
  • UHMW PE sheets
  • A wide range of welding rods


Fabrics Products
  • Tarps
  • Building Facade
  • Industrial Divider Curtains
  • Tents
  • Machine Covers
  • Poultry Curtains
  • Industrial Curtains
  • Banner Blanks
  • Industrial Bags
  • Many more…
Membrane Products
  • Geomembrane ponds
  • Geomembrane panels
  • Geomembrane bags
  • Many more…
Semifinished Products
  • Circular tanks
  • Square tanks
  • Custom made boxes
  • Chopping boards (any size)
  • Pads and protectors
  • Many more…

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