International distributor of plastic welding tools and semifinished plastics


If you would like to cancel a purchase please email us at

If we refund any amount due to a return or cancellation, the material and/or equipment needs to be shipped to our office immediately, we will review the item returned and process a refund, with the exception of shipping costs.

The cancellation will not be valid for certain products and/or materials, or those that were requested on custom orders. There is a penalty of devolution depending on the product and reason. For more information please be sure to talk to your advisor on the specific order placed. Please contact us at the number below for any additional inquiries or information on returns and cancellations:

LDM Corporate Office – USA
Phoenix, Arizona
(480)590 2543

If your order was placed in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico please contact them at the number below:

LDM Corporate Office – Mexico 
Hermosillo, Sonora
(662) 108 00 20